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May 30, 2008


Liz Ness

ROFLOL! But, I had no idea about the pink (seriously...and now, I'm feeling a little air-head-ish for all of the pink gifts. Sorry about that). Seriously, I thought you loved pink. I love red. All those years and we each could have had the color of choice. Who knew? Heh-heh.

As for the other stuff, I may have influenced you into participation, but you shined big all on your own. You've always been the better athelete, way more socially graced, far braver (about everything), and I'm just beginning to learn (via a book) things that you just seem to know naturally how to do with the camera and Photoshop.

Oh, and that famous snow jump...it still makes me laugh and cry all at the same time. What were we thinking?

Seriously, thanks so much for the birthday wish and the giant belly laugh!

Theresa Tyree

You're blessed to have her in your life, but to have her as your sister- that's awesome! She's a very special person. I love the snapshots you captured of her and the family. I could sit under foot and listen to y'alls stories for hours. Thanks for giving us a little glimpse into life with your big sis.


what a great shot of her with the camera. I love the caption even more.

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